Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taxi Shopping - Buy Directly From The Back Of Your Cab

Now that the Super Bowl festivities are over, I am on temporary break from Jury Duty and my cold has cleared slightly I am back on board for BENG!Buzz. I have had a lot of time to read while sitting in the court house so be prepared for some great Buzz pieces in the next couple of weeks!

Glamour Magazine and SypderLynk have joined forces to create a new shopping experience. They are testing mobile tags that activate actual mobile purchases from the back of a NYC taxi cab. The program takes off during New York's Fashion Week starting tomorrow Feb. 9th through Feb. 14th. 50 specially equipped taxis will make themselves available in the most frequented spots during Fashion Week - Lincoln Center, Meatpacking, Soho and the Lower West Side - offering rides to Fashion week attendees.

The cabs will be outfitted with print ads for L'oreal beauty products and special on screen programing to help demonstrate how to use the cosmetic products. Riders will be able to take a photo of the Shop The Look Snap Tag QR code and send it as a text message to a short code. SpyderLynk servesr will then send riders a link to a checkout page where they can check off the items they wish to buy. The rider is then sent to billing and check out page where they can manage their online mobile wallet. Once that is done once, the rider will no longer have to punch in their credit card details. They are stored and can be used after logging in with their username and password.

So, I see this program being used in two ways: people watch the videos scan the tag and wait to purchase, or they are brave enough to give it a try. I am not sure there is enough time in the back of a cab to learn about the program, punch in all the information and then purchase. I do however think that people will enjoy the experience and purchase later - either in store or online.

What do you think? If you catch one of the cabs let me know...would love to hear whether you bought something or not.