Wednesday, February 1, 2012

App Wakes You Up Based on Weather Forecast

A fun post to help get you through your Wednesday afternoon! Belgian Agency, Boondoggle, has created an app that wakes people up dependant on the weather forecast. Perfect for those surprisingly frosty mornings. Being late because you have to defrost your car is no longer an excuse to be late to work!

Inspiration for the app came from the unusually cold weather last year and many of their employees being late for work. The app works in the same way as a normal alarm clock, however it collects weather forecasts during the night and if the forecast worsens it will change the alarm to wake you up earlier. Leaving you plenty of time to shovel and defrost your car, or leave early enough to catch public transport.

Interesting idea, although I am not sure how many people would opt to use this app. I don't know many people who would trust an app to wake them up earlier than scheduled.  And, with the unusually warm winter we are having, there isn't much need. But cute all the same.

[Simply Zesty]