Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Auckland City Mission Angel Wings

I love this promotion by the Auckland City Mission. The charity supports families in need by providing food banks, parcels and medical/social services. To encourage donations, the Mission's Christmas Appeal turned their donors into angels. Publicis Mojo Auckland placed angel wings throughout the city in posters, stickers, print and stencils. People were invited to take pictures of themselves in front of the wings. By posting their pictures on the Auckland City Mission's Facebook page, a sponsor would donate $5 on their behalf to the charity.

This is what the Auckland City Mission's site has to say about the campaign:

“In the classic holiday movie ‘It’s a wonderful life,’ George Bailey has the picture perfect life -- a loving wife, four young children and his own business. However, on Christmas Eve, after a series of severe business difficulties, George’s life is unraveling and he contemplates suicide. George is saved at the last moment by the appearance of his guardian angel, Clarence, who earns his wings by showing George how worthwhile his life really is. A crisis like George’s can turn a family’s life upside down in a matter of moments. Whether it’s financial, health related or an external event, a little goodwill can have a lasting impact. Even small acts of kindness or generosity from an unknown ‘Angel’ can help people get their lives back on track and renew their hope. At the Auckland City Mission we see Angels moving through our community every day -- earning their wings with acts of kindness in support of people they don’t even know. Your contribution will make a significant difference to our ability to provide support when it is needed most. We are all sincerely grateful.” 

[via The Inspiration Room]