Thursday, January 6, 2011

QR Code Savenger Hunt in NYC

On December 21st, Neatorama and Mental_Floss hosted a QR code-based scavenger hunt in NYC. The winner took home a new Ford Fiesta!

The hunt began in four locations around the city: Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and the East and West Villages. Both Neatormama and mental_floss tweeted the precise locations from their Twitter accounts. When participants arrived at the first location, they had to scan the QR code to get the clue for the next location. Including the starting point, there were four locations in the hunt. Hunt monitors stood at each of the codes to make sure they were not changed or destroyed. Even though there was only one Main Prize, others received mini prizes along the way.

QR codes are easier to read by all forms of media. You don't need a smart phone to decipher the code and the readers are all free to download. Check out the BENG! site to see our QR codes.