Monday, December 17, 2012

The Best AR Campaigns of 2012

Thank you to Simply Zesty for sharing the Best Augmented Reality Campaigns of 2012. AR became a fast trend this year, and so many brands tried to get in on the action. Simply Zesty compiled a great list of the ones that worked. There are some great picks in the list, but here are my personal highlights:

BBC Frozen Planet

To reach a wider audience, locals in New Jersey, Illinois and California were treated to an AR installation which placed them in the heart of the polar regions. Here they could interact with some of the wildlife like penguins, polar bears and whales.

BBC Frozen Planet Augmented Reality, NJ, IL, CA - USA by Appshaker from Appshaker Ltd on Vimeo.

Nokia and Angry Birds

It seems to be impossible to avoid a promotion featuring the limbless birds, but Nokia Australia created this campaign which allowed passersby to kick the birds into the screen. They could also take part in a virtual dance-off with singer and songwriter Timomatic and help a lost kangaroo find his way home.

2012 U.S. Election

Another Blippar project, this time focusing on Obama’s campaign for re-election. Simply ‘blipp’ a five dollar bill or any Obama logo to get an interactive experience with the Obama campaign.