Thursday, November 1, 2012

Facebook Stats: Top 10 Countries, Brands, Pages and More

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy I have been able to spend some quality time at home, which has also meant some great reading. I came across this great compilation of Facebook Stats by Simply Zesty and thought I would share.

Top 10 Countries
With 1 billion users world wide I don't think this list comes as a surprise, but it is interesting to see who compiles the 1 billion.


Top 10 Pages
It's a mix of YouTube, Google and celebrities.


Top 10 Brand Pages
I think we pretty much all know that every large brand has a Facebook page. Whether it is a good one or not can be debated, but most brands have adopted a page to round out their online and Social Media presence.


Top 10 Celebrity Pages
Celebrities (aka personal brands) have also adopted Facebook as a medium for getting their image out. Here are the most popular celeb pages:

Top 10 Media Pages
Interesting to see how far ahead Facebook, Youtube and MTV are in relation to the others. There are absolutely no newspapers or traditional media outlets in the top ten.