Monday, September 10, 2012

2 Must See Brand Marketing Infographics

So, I always love sharing information and tidbits I pick up along my daily journey of reading blogs, tweets, posts and sites. I found these two infographics really interesting - thanks for sharing Fresh Peel!

Market Research Gets Social
All about how marketers use research and data to discover how to drive sales. Not a new concept, but it's always great to see the numbers come alive. Forexample:

  • 60% of people learn about a brand through social media when researching a product via 3+ digital means.
  •  1 out of every 5 minutes: time online spent on social networks and blogs
  •  90% of consumers trust peer recommendations

 Believable Branding
Following on the notion that 90% of people surveyed for the first infographic trust peer recommendations, this graphic is all about believable branding and how much consumers really trust the marketing that is going on around them. Another interesting read:

Have any great infographics to share?? Let me know at nicolen at bengny dot com