Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stay in a Parisian Apartment Courtesy of IKEA

Last week I posted about 100 lucky fans in Britain being able to take part in a sleep over in a IKEA store. This week, I found out that five people were lucky enough to spend six days in Parisian makeshift apartment courtesy of IKEA.The catch? The apartment is inside a Metro Station and open for viewing!


IKEA set up a temporary apartment in a Parisian metro station for a maximum of five people to live in for six days. The basic idea is to show people how IKEA can outfit an apartment and give the brand a nice promotional boost in a high traffic zone. From January 9-13 commuters were able to look in on 5 residents in the apartment. Fans of IKEA's France Facebook page were also able to win a one night stay in the apartment.

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