Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scandinavian Airlines Creates Smart Campaign

Knowing your customer profile is incredibly important. All too many companies just rely on general sales without thinking about who is actually buying their product, why and capturing the data they find. Scandinavian Airlines recently launched a really smart 2 for 1 campaign based on research they conducted about their customers.

The airline's research showed that their best customers were affluent couples who booked holidays to spend time together. In order to entice a higher number of sales the airline launched an app that required two people (a couple) to put their phones together at the same time and unlock a discount code. Scandinavian Airlines sent out over 100,000 emails to their existing customers as well as launched an advertising and social media campaign to highlight the promotion. Customers scanned a QR code each and were promoted to follow the promotion and buy tickets using the provided discount codes. 

Couple Up to Buckle Up from Tobias Carlson on Vimeo.

Cute promotion AND they sold out every ticket available to the promotion. 

[Scandinavian Airlines & Simply Zesty]