Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Launch of Tagwhat

Welcome Tagwhat to the Augmented Reality scene! The app gives you a look back into teh past by revealing the stories associated with different geographical places. The Great Stories at Places app let's users experience hidden stories everywhere they go. The company is built up of a team of media journalists and filmmakers who have gathered thousands of originally curated stories. The information is told through words, images, video or audio. Tagwhat partnered with Associated Press, The National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Virigina Beach Public Libaray system to make sure they have accurate information. 

So, how does it work? Let's say the user is walking through an area in their favorite part of town, and they want to enhance their experience. The user can open Tagwhat on their iPhone or Android phone and stories that describe the places around the user appear. The stories are organized into channels focusing on topics like music, food, nature and art. If the user were to open their phone's camera, they will see pop-ups of real-life locations and the information changes when you move your camera over another image location.

Check out the video below for more info. The company says the database of stories are being updated daily. Can't wait to start using this!


[thanks to PSFK and Springwise for posting]