Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jell-O's Pudding Face Mood Reader

Jell-O has produced a mood meter that tracks tweets for the "most accurate gauge of America's mood ever." The company monitors Twitter, constantly searching for happy and sad face emoticons tallying each one they find. Jell-O uses the results to measure the mood of the nation. If the mood dips, the company starts dispensing free pudding through Twitter.


To complement the promotion, Jell-O also created a mood reading billboard that produces physical reading of the Twitter count. The mans face changes depending on the percentages of happy and sad faces shown. 

Here is the ad the promotion is based on. Not sure how I feel about this promotion. The super creepy pudding face look isn't one that I dying to get. However, I do love the chocolate puddings!  What about you guys? Would this make you buy more Jell-O puddings?