Monday, August 15, 2011

Surprise! Catwalk

I love this promotion by Fretex, a second hand clothing chain operated by the Salvation Army. During Oslo Fashion week, the company orchestrated a surprise catwalk using pedestrians walking through a subway passage. A catwalk was installed over a central subway exit next to the Oslo City Fahion Mall. Pedestrians walked through the exit and found themselves walking along a specially built runway with a carpet and an expert panel of fashion stylists, models and journalists seated and watching them. A DJ orchestrated the "right" music for each walk down the runway. Check out the video below. Some people really got into the promotion and totally went with it! A great way to make your customers (whether new or old) feel special!

The surprise runway raised awareness for the Fretex brand, and increased the company's Facebook Page fans. The campaign won a Silver Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.