Thursday, July 28, 2011

Like it Live, Like it Together by Bacardi

Ever wanted to put together your own event for a brand and have them pay for it? As reported by Springwise, Bacardi turned it's Facebook Page likes into real-world events. The campaign: Like it Live, Like it Together, was a series of experiences hosted in NYC and Las Vegas. The entirety of each experience was decided by the brand's online Facebook following. Fans voted on cocktails, musical acts, what food to serve, forms of entertainment and more. Based on whatever received the most votes, Bacardi took the results and created their events. Tickets to the events could be won through a competition. Entrants were asked to post the three best experiences they ever had with friends on the Bacardi Facebook Page. The events actually included some amazing acts like: Cee Lo Green, Aloe Blacc, and Kid Cudi.

Anyone already a fan of Bacardi would have loved these events and the input they were able to provide. Bacardi found a way to reward their existing fan-base and obtaining new Bacardi fans by promoting the experience. Great marketing piece!

[via Springwise] [Photos by Bacardi]