Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NAB Honesty Experiment

NAB, the National Australia bank, recently launched a series of what they called 'honesty experiments' each one was secretly filmed and posted on YouTube. Under the premise that Australians are honest and deserving of a bank that is equally honest, the bank set out to prove it.

The first experiment was: Incorrect Change. Do Australians do the right thing when given back too much change? The bank set up a coffee stand in Melbourne where a barista intentionally gave customers $5 too much in change. The bank counted the number of people who did the right thing and handed the money back. Everyone gave the money back. So, they made the barista arrogant and super obnoxious to see if that would have an impact. Even then 91% gave the money back. See the Video here:

The second experiment was: The Lost Wallets. If you dropped your wallet in a public place, would you get it back? The bank set up a fake office on a busy street in Sydney. Created several identical wallets and spent a day dropping cash filled wallets on the street. People actually checked the wallet, saw the business card inside and returned the wallet to the fake office. 88% of the wallets were returned - they joke that they hope the others in the mail! Check out the video here:

The third experiment was: Leaky Pockets. If you saw a stranger drop money on the street, would you give it back? The bank arranged for someone to spend the day dropping $20 bills on a busy Melbourne street. People definitely gave the money back. To take it one step further, the actor was kitted up with a set of headphones. People still gave the money back. They even had an actor come in and take off with the money to see what would happen. 95% of people returned the money! Check out the video here:

A great feel good campaign that makes people want to watch, while at the same time highlighting the bank through a solid social media campaign. Love it! 

[via Contagious Magazine and]