Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Domino's Pizza Raises The Bar

Authenticity and accountability. That is what we look for from brands. We want to be able to trust companies, and our votes are counted in $$ at the end of every day. Domino's Pizza has started a new campaign to help transparency in their company and hold every Pizza make accountable...while creating a trusting consumer base.

In NYC, Domino's has started a campaign - The Tracker -  that allows customers to track their pizzas from the moment they are ordered by phone. Online, the customer can see who is prepping the pizza, and where it is in the store. Once they receive the pizza, they can post messages about the quality of the pizza and provide a rating from 1to 5. Since the customer knows who built and made their pizzas, all of the messages have a personal nature, using Domino's Pizza employees as the recipients.

From July 25, all of the messages (whether good or bad) will be published on a new digital billboard in Times Square, NYC. Everything will be broadcast on the screen. The board will be up until August 23rd.

I find this an incredibly brave idea that uses social media to help bring transparency and authenticity to the customer. Let's see what happens and how many 5 star ratings the company receives!

Check out the video to find out more: