Monday, November 4, 2013

Value Creation Through Events. BENG! introduces ROI “Placemat”

 Roi Masterclass Waardecreatie d.m.v. Events

So we had this brilliant afternoon last week Tuesday at the Delamar, the most beautiful theater in Amsterdam. BENG!’s strategy director, Rob Captijn, gave a master class on ROI and value creation, designed to change stakeholder perceptions of events from high cost to high impact, defining manageable and measurable contributions to the bottom line of their corporations.

The audience was filled with corporate event managers, agencies, suppliers and educators all anxious to learn about the role and value of events in a world with an ever changing media landscape.

BENG! has designed a “placemat” that explains value creation and measurement in 12 coherent steps. The 12 steps focus on the what, why and how of setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals, storySelling, content creation, designing events using retail marketing techniques, touch point management and maximizing the ROI of events. The placemat is available for free at

BENG!’s strategy director, Rob Captijn, and the Managing Director of the European Event ROI Institute, Elling Hamso, shared over 25 years of hands-on and prize-winning experience, giving the audience logical insights and practical tips and tricks on how to rationalize budget discussions, how to improve the value of their upcoming events and how to become more valuable to their companies.
The reaction of the day: “finally, the revolution has begun!” 

See below for the slides and placemat tool used during the class.

Photocredits @punkmedia