Monday, September 17, 2012

StartUp Watch: 3 Startups For Events

1. Planana
Planana is a ticketing and promotion dashboard for your event.There are so many ticketing sites out there, and this is not one that stands out for that. It is their promotion service that peaked my interest. Planana helps you set up your own event dashboard, and a reward system for your attendees. The system doles out discounts, VIP Access etc. in exchange for social sharing. An attendee shares the event on twitter or facebook, and they are guaranteed 40% off their ticket. All the rules are set by you, and you not only get additional publicity, but an easy ticketing platform.

2. Instagram Booth
BYO Booth is a photo booth platform based on Instagram. All you need to do is set up an Instagram hashtag for your event and the software will look for attendees pictures. You can then decide to stream them on a slideshow, create your own living wall at your event, post them to Facebook or print them. Pretty simple, yet extremely interactive and helpful for picture collection at events.

3. Refynr
The Refynr platform provides the technology for event producers to display live tweets on large screens during events. Producers can also create an interface for attendees to check or send tweets directly via a Twitter login. Great for conferences that require live tweet walls as well as other events where you want to capture the buzz. Just remember, live tweet walls means un-curated can't control what is being said about your event, product etc.

Sources: eventmanager blog