Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creativity At It's Best

Hello BENG!Buzzers. Here is a roundup of some very interesting projects.

Nail Art Exhibition
IceGel, a Korean nail-polish brand, commissioned an artist to create a range of artistic nail designs. The designs are displayed in tiny frames in a mini gallery near nail salons. Visitors scan a QR code at the gallery and are directed to the IceGel website. The campaign created by Grey Hong Kong was very successful, and drove 24,000 visitors to the site.

The Global Candy Community
The website intlcandy.co was launched by some students at Boulder Digital Works. The site, currently in Beta, askes people to sign up and complete a survey about their candy loving preferences. The users indicate which candy from the around the world they love, and would like to sample. The project is hoping to launch in April, and will then create a matchmaking platform that will connect those wishing samples to users who live in an area where the candy is available. So far, the site has 200 users. Since moving from Amsterdam, The Netherlands 10 years ago, I know exactly what it's like to miss certain food items. I not only want candy from Holland, but other food items you simply can't get here. I hope they open this up to other products too!

 Help! I've Cut Myself and I Want to Save a Life
Help Remedies is a pharmaceutical company most known for its brand design oriented products. Recently, it launched Help I Want to Save a Life, a box of bandages that also includes a bone marrow donor kit. The reasoning behind the kit? You have already cut yourself, so why not test yourself to see if you can help someone. The piece was inspired by Graham Douglas, a copywriter for Droga5 whose twin brother has struggled to find a bone marrow donor. The kit is on sale at Fab.com and at the Help Remedies website: helpineedhelp.com/marrow. The website is quite hilarious. You can find remedies to many things you might be feeling. Def. check it out!

Do you know of any creative projects you would like to send me for a future post? Contact me nicolen[at]bengny[dot]com