Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 New, Fun and Useful Event Tools

Today I want to highlight some great, new event tools out there. These start ups should make our lives as Event Planners and Brand Marketers a little easier - and more fun!

This company let's you create your own branded mobile app for your event. The apps provide great analysis, allow you to communicate to your attendees, and provides a social aspect. Get all your attendees plugged in before, during and after the event. The app will run on all smartphones and tablets - so you no longer have to choose between Apple and Android.

Quench Buggy
This start up provides sage, clean, mobile water stations for events. No longer do you have to worry about how to get water to all your festival goers. Any remote location can now have water without the water bottle waste. Produce some branded re-usable water bottles and hey have water!

Social Pix
Who doesn't consider event integration with Facebook. It is a trend that is definitely here to stay. Social Pix allows a photographer to take a picture that is then sent to an upload kiosk. The picture is then ready to upload onto Facebook and be Liked! See here for how it works: Social Pix

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