Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Four Fun Interactive Campaigns

A little fun to help get you through this blistery Wednesday! After yesterday's post about FLAWSOME behavior, I thought today we would look at some genuinely awesome and out of the box customer engagement behavior.

T-Mobile Angry Birds
A promotion by T-Mobile in Barcelona 2011. T-Mobile actually built an Angry Birds set. People place their smart phones in the main hub, and play the game. The game is projected on the big screen on the left and the game is played real time. Not only do people have fun, it builds a nice community feel all associated with Angry Birds AND T-Mobile. Check out the's genius!

Kauko Cafe
A cafe in Helsinki was built as part of World Design Helsinki 2012. You can remotely control the furniture, music, lights and even the height of the chairs people sit on via an app or the Kauko Cafe website. The aim of the project was to get people thinking about how bad design can impact your life...and this video shows that it really does!

The Friskies Playhouse
What cat wouldn't want a playground! Friskies Playhouse is a playhouse for rescued cats. The playhouse is created by facebook fans and streamed online live via the page. Fans are able to remotely control the toys and play with the cats. I love that you never lose the idea that this is presented by Friskies, and it's a great way to engage with their cat loving customers.

KLM Surprise!
I tweeted about this last week. KLM has done some great customer engagement programs recently and this one doesn't fall short either. KLM Passengers who Tweeted or used other social media methods to announce their KLM trip were targeted - and with a brainstorm on the best individual gift to give them - are met at the gate with their personal gift from duty free. So great to be met at the gate before a long flight with something personal. I guarantee people will appreciate it!

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