Thursday, February 16, 2012

Domino's Think Oven - Outsourcing Innovation to Customers

I really admire the way in which Domino's engages with their in restaurant staff and their customer community. Listening to their customers helped them turn around their pizzas - and their sales - and helped them become one of the leading brands in the US today. Remember the Raising the Bar campaign we posted about last year?

Domino's continues its customer engagement program this year by creating a new campaign - Think Oven - a Facebook app which lets fans suggest and influence how the brand functions. The brand is opening itself up to ideas for products, customer interaction, online presence and quality. There are 2 main drives behind the campaign: The Project Box and the The Idea Box. Fans can suggest projects, ideas, improvements or anything they would like to see fall under the Domino brand. The best and most well written/visualized ideas will be rewarded not only by Domino's exploring the idea, but also with a cash prize.

[Simply Zesty]