Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heineken does QR Right

After tweeting about QR codes last week on how marketers love adding them to promotions, but only 5% of consumers actually use them, we found a great campaign with a great QR Code application. Heineken actually took the best qualities of QR codes and used them correctly.

Heineken's U-Code was executed at a music festival. The attendees of the festival all had their own personal QR codes printed and stuck to them. When scanned the code would provide information about them, hobbies, what they like listenting to etc. A real world application of a social media program and profile. Meeting people at the festival becomes easy and interesting. A real way for shy attendees to break out and make some new friends. Not to mention that everyone with a QR code attached to them becomes a walking advertisement for Heineken!

[via Simply Zesty]