Thursday, December 15, 2011

25 Social Media Articles You Must Read

Simply Zesty - my new favorite weekly read - has compiled 25 Unmissable Social Media Articles from the last week. Might be a great idea to save them and read them over the holidays when you are nice and comfy on the couch preparing yourself for the new year!

The TechCrunch blogger talks about becoming a venture capitalist at the CrunchFund

Is the Internet the “Paris” of the new millennium?

Answers to 31 Social Media Questions You’re Too Shy to Ask

How Ideas Spread With Social Media

Tweets cause US death row conviction to be overturned

Sean Parker: There are Too Many Startups and VCs

The New Twitter (R.I.P. Tweetie)

A Twitter for My Sister

The new, new Twitter: 10 big takeaways

Sarah Lacy And Mike Arrington Are Starting TechCrunch 2.0

Flipboard launches sleek iPhone app with new ‘Cover Stories’ section

Spotify Radio gets a big makeover, goes truly unlimited

Mark It Down: June 6, 2012

Sorry, Folks, Bill Gates Is Not Coming Back to Microsoft

Exclusive: Facebook Does A Major Reorg Around Key Products

Marissa Mayer at LeWeb: Google+ Was a Pleasant Surprise

Teaching Ventures Catch the Programming Wave

Apple job openings hinting at Siri API, prettier interface and additional languages

Sean Parker Invests In Music Startup StageIt

It’s a start: Facebook begins Timeline rollout in New Zealand

Library of Congress says Twitter archive will build “unique record of our time”

Gowalla Founders v. Gowalla Investors

Yahoo News is seeing huge returns from Facebook’s Open Graph, is this the future of Flickr?

Why business execs shouldn’t read the Steve Jobs biography

Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, speaks at Le Web: