Monday, November 14, 2011

Mint Flavored Parking Tickets

Genius marketing - I just had to share!

Wrigleys in Germany just started a new campaign, Mint Flavored Parking tickets. The idea behind the campaign is that they wanted drivers to experience the taste of their gum without even knowing it. Picture it. You drive into the parking lot, reach through the window to press the button and retrieve your ticket. Most people place the ticket in their mouths for a minute while they drive through the opened barricade.  OR, walking to the parking ticket machine you place the ticket in your mouth momentarily while you fish around for your wallet. Everyone does it. So why not have a minty flavor surprise you when you do it!

Although advertising on parking tickets isn't new, flavor ads totally are. So what do you think? Gross or Genius?

Mint parking tickets from Art Directors Club of Europe on Vimeo.