Monday, November 14, 2011

Lay's Potato Chip Vending Machine

Vending machines are all about instant gratification. What is the best way to communicate how your chips are made? Have your customers see and be part of the process. Lay's in Argentina created a vending machine which after a customer places a potato into the machine, makes a packet of chips on the spot. To emphasize that the chips only have three ingredients, the clear panel front of the machine helps show what happens to the potato you insert from beginning to end. Event though it's a video and I would much rather it be a real cooking machine (I know, virtually impossible with food laws and fire hazards) I think the interactive element will help entice potential customers to drop a potato to see what happens.

I'm interested to see how many potential customers are converted into actually customers. I like knowing that there are only 3 ingredients in the bag - potatoes, Oil and salt. I wish I had a bag myself :)

Lay's machine - Debut (English txt) from Castro Innovation on Vimeo.