Thursday, October 13, 2011

Volkswagen Art Heist

The Great Volkswagen Art Heist is an out of home campaign celebrating the launch of the 2012 Jetta GLI. Pop Up performance art galleries are surfacing in all major cities in Canada and feature limited edition, hand-numbered, framed long-exposure light painting photographs created by the 200-horsepower Jetta GLI. Although the pieces of art are hung in their respective galleries, they haven't been tied down too securely, leaving room for admirers to claim their own piece of art. The thieves are encouraged to do so and asked to share their heists online by posting on the Volkswagen Canada Facebook and Twitter pages.

The concept behind the campaign is: Driving can be beautiful. All the photographs hung in the art galleries were taken with both motion and long exposure still cameras which record the light trail sog the car as it drives through the night. The new Jetta ad also includes the technology, and goes along with the art heist campaign nicely.

Don't be sad if you weren't able to scoop up a great piece of art. Volkswagen Canada has revealed a second phase of the art heist and will be setting up that piece of the project in the next few weeks. Completely social media based, the hunt will be moving online. Keep up with the Heist now, because you will have to act fast in order to get your piece.