Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Comedy Central Launches New Logo And No One Laughs

Social Media once again stands up for Brand Logo change injustice. First it was Gap, now its Comedy Central. The network launched its new logo this past week and it seems no one is laughing.

The logo, set to launch in January, is a C tucked inside an upside down C. It looks a lot like the copyright symbol and seems to be pretty straightforward, especially compared to the their old logo. As soon as the new logo was released, bloggers from Huffington Post, New York and the brand-design blog UnderConsideration let their opinions be known: BORING!

Other reactions, as quoted by FastCompany, were not much different:

“serious and boring”; “simple AND boring”; “BORING, LAME, UNINTEREST­ING”; “It's worse than awful: it's boring”; “Boring!”; “boringly corporate”; and “that is... one boring ass logo.”

Will the Comedy Central logo disappear in the same way as the Gap logo? I actually like the new Comedy Central logo, so I hope not. It may not be the most stimulating logo design, but I would hardly call it boring.

Alicia Johnson, co-creative director of thelab, the New York firm behind Comedy Central's rebrand had this to say:
"The thing the old logo did brilliantly was to be a television logo, but it was difficult to use in a scalable way.  The new logo is simple because it needs to be able to travel across the vast spectrum of new media, from iPads to TVs. You can shrink it down, blow it up, make it dance -- whatever. One of the things we looked at constantly as we were developing the brand redesign is that it needed to become a next-generation brand package.”  “In the old world you could do a logo mark that was dominant for print. You don’t want that anymore. The way a brand moves in a digital space -- where everything moves -- is as relevant to your experience as a static logo.”

Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts on the new logo.