Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heinz's Personalized Soup

Live in the UK and have a friend who could use a get well message? Instead of sending a card, think about sending them a can of Heinz soup with a personalized label. Only available to Heinz Soup UK Facebook fans, each personalized can comes in two flavors, either Cream of Chicken or Cream of Tomato. For £1.99, fans can send a Get Well Soup to one of their friends with their name printed on teh label.

As posted by PSFK, Matthew Cullum, Heinz Soup Marketing Controller explains the campaign:

Because Facebook is a place people choose to engage with our brand, we want to be there. Soup can be an emotive product and Facebook taps into that. Our use of these channels doesn’t replace TV, but it is a great compliment to it because it allows the consumer to spread the word and they engage more than they would with traditional channels such as TV or Radio.

[via PSFK]