Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zeeman: Looking Good Doesn't Have to Be Expensive!

Zeeman, a Dutch retail store, caused a stir during Amsterdam Fashion Week. The buzz that started before opening day was that Frank, a new designer brand, was to launch it's inaugural collection during Fashion Week. Press kits and invites to the 'right people in fashion' made sure that the seats at the Fashion Show would be filled. With Press and Fashionistas buzzing about the new line, it was built up to be the specatcle of the week. "It might be the new Victor & Rolf" or maybe "a new Dries van Nooten" said people standing in line to watch the show.

In reality, only 7 people knew about the real nature of the show. Zeeman, a store that is known for selling inexpensive clothes, wanted to reach out to Fashionistas and make a statement: It doesn't cost a fortune to be fashionable.

Check out the video and the reveal. People were definitely shocked...even the crew working on the runway show! This is a marketing 'stunt' that definitely hit home and generated mountains of press.

The video is in press CC if you don't see the subtitles.