Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reach Out and Touch


Not every campaign has to be a multi-million dollar marketing masterpiece. Check out these band posters by Dry the River. To help grab some mainstream attention, the group along with designers Phil Clandilon and Steve Milbourne, created these Pop-Up posters. Here is what Clandilon has to say about it:
We thought it would be interesting to make 3D posters, and we set him the extra challenge of making them huge. He ended up creating these rather marvelous three dimensional paper-craft horses at B0 size. The flat, poster component was beautifully screen printed by Bob Eight Pop in east London and the paper horse structures were designed in 3D using Google Sketch Up, before being printed out in their component parts and hand-assembled. Each horse structure took around 35 hours to complete.
The horses definitely capture your attention. You want to reach out and touch them...and if I were in London, I would even take one home!
Check out the video for the making of...

[via PSFK]