Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Body Imprint Advertising?


Superette, a New Zealand retailer, has released an advertising campaign that places indented plates accross inner city bus stops, mall and park benches. When people sit on any of these seats for a period of time, Superette's Short Shorts sale message is imprinted on their legs. Anyone wearing short skirts or shorts will get the imprinted message if they sit on the seat long enough.

As reported by PSFK:
Developed by DDB New Zealand, the bench ads were strategically placed (literally and figuratively) by targeting areas where the retailer's fashion-conscious demographic was likely to traffic - arguable attempting to minimize the risk of having unsightly skin bearing the brand's message.
Not quite sure what to think about this campaign. It is risky enough that in my book it could totally work. However, I am not sure how many people would actually like to have the retailer's slogan imprinted on their legs. Do you think people would actually sit to make this an effectual campaign?