Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Yorkers Pay for Cabs with Trident Layers

On October 21st Trident Layers  gum took over Times Square in New York City. Trident celebrated the launch of its new flavor Cool Mint + Melon Fresco, by offering consumers free packs of Trident and the chance to pay for a ride in a cab to any destination in the city with a pack of layers gum. The event was a direct tie-in with the brand's national ad campaign theme, "it's so good you'll want to get paid in it."

The branded cabs used in the launch event waited for customers at the Trident Cab Stand on 42nd and Broadway. TV celebrities Bethenny Frankel and Wendy Williams made appearances during the day to help hand out the 36,000 packs of gum.

While waiting in line for their cab rides, consumers were able to participate in a number of activities which included the Grab for Mind wind room, where guests climbed into a booth and tried to snatch as many mint leaves as possible to win prizes, pose for pictures with celebrities and pick up coupons for the gum.