Friday, October 22, 2010

I Love Those City Lights!

In Philadelphia this past weekend, residents were treated to a beautiful light installation along the Schuylkill river. Designed by Howeler and Yoon Architecture, the installation named Light Drift was made up a of a set of orb seats that when used by people to sit on would trigger the orbs floating in the river.

Last night in New York at Madison Square Park, mixed media artist Jim Campbell launched a 4 month art and light installation. Campbell built the high tech light installation, Scattered Light, as part of the Conservancy's Madison Square Art program. 

The installation will cover Madison Square Park's Oval Lawn with a matrix of almost 2000 LED lights and feature moving light images. The largest part of the installation, close to 2000 LED lights, will create a grid of bulbs spanning 20 feet hight and 80 feet wide.  As reported by PSFK, the light will "create the illusion of figurative images that explore and relfect the human experience amidst the urban landscape." Essentially, as people walk around the installation, the lights will change creating new boundaries between image and object.

Campbell's second installation, Broken Window, will be on display at the main entrance to the park. This installation has LED lights covering a large glass and brick wall.  The third installtion, Voices in the Subway Station, will be on view on the lawn and will feature 24 glass tablets on the ground. According to the Madison Square Park Website: “The light pulses emanating from each tablet will be rhythmically modulated to represent the voices of individual travelers as recorded in conversation on a subway platform, combining to create a visual symphony rendered in light.”

Definitely a must see! 

 Madison Square Park

Jim Campbell