Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daring To Be Different - Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns That Worked

I love recognizing Guerrilla Marketing campaigns that work. Whenever a client comes to BENG! asking for Guerrilla Marketing, we first ask why. What are you looking to accomplish and is this really the best median of communication. Don't get me wrong, Guerrilla Marketing campaigns are great; but you have to realize what you are trying to attain and be smart about it. There are so many examples of bad campaigns, you need to steer clear of Guerrilla unless you are certain you know what you are doing. Flash mobs are a great example. Super popular for a while - it seemed like everyone had booked a space in Times Square, NYC.

Here are some great examples of Guerrilla done right:

Mr. Kipling Cake-To-Go Dispenser
The cake brand lined up 130,000 freshly baked cakes to give away in several locations throughout the UK. Cake enthusiasts could head to any of the installation boards, press a button and release their slice of cake.

Talking Domino's Pizza Scooter
Helping to create visibility of the brand in The Netherlands, this low budget campaign is genius. The brand hi-jinxed some scooters and modified them to shout the Domino's brand name whenever the driver would shift gears. Not only turned heads, but also created some laughs too!

Frontline Mall Ad
A local pet store chain had a limited budget to get the word out about their de-ticking product. Deciding on a Big Splash for their strategy, they decided to decal the floor of 3 popular malls. The idea is that there is more going on with your pet than you can see close up. When walking over the floor you notice that you are walking on a giant ad of a dog and Frontline, however when you change the floor you are on, you see that the people act as fleas walking all over the dog. Funny, smart and catchy, people will remember this one!


I like collecting successful campaigns so if you have one that you really love send it over to me!