Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BENG!Buzz Tool Tip For Conferences

New BENG!Buzz Tool Tip:

Why we like it:
We have done a few conferences this year, and with each one we think about how to make the user and attendee experience better. One piece that always seems complicated is the agenda. If your conference only has one or two moving parts you are OK. However, if you are producing a blow out conference with concurrent sessions, tracks and multiple locations you want to provide your guests with as much information as possible. 

Sched.Org is a program that can definitely help you. It allows producers of the conference an easy way to display event agenda and most importantly is fun and easy to navigate for attendees. Attendees can pick and choose how they want their agenda displayed based on their own preferences. You can access Social Media sites which makes it easy to personalize the agenda and also share and interact with coworkers and friends who are also attending. AND no, you don't need a laptop. is available on mobile platforms. 

Check out  and blog for more info.