Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am so proud to be a member of the Summit Series gang. Last year's conference was at Sea...literally. The group charted a cruise ship, gathered 1000 of the world's youngest and brightest entrepreneurs and created a platform for us all to talk, exchange and put our minds together on how to make the world a better place. With a focus on the Ocean and how we need to save our seas, the group also stared a foundation to raise money and awareness for the loss of marine life on our planet. One of the activities on the boat last year was shark tagging with marine biologists. An awesome experience for a select few who were able to put together the best project material on how they would use their expertise to help save the seas. Branded campaigns, TV ads, Marine Art and much more...

Yesterday, I came across the Surfrider Foundation OceanArmor campaign. The campaign features life size sculptures of sea animals in suits of armor. The main message is that these animals cant protect themselves, we need to help them. Marine Life is often forgotten about  - out of sight, out of mind - and we need to help protect as many species as we can before its too late.

Check out the images from the campaign. And, I put the Summit question out to you...If you could use your expertise to help save the oceans...what would you do?

 The sculptures will tour galleries and will be promoted via a print, poster and online at

[developed by Saatchi Saatchi in LA, via Inspiration Room]