Monday, November 7, 2011

Scotiabank FLUXe at Nuit Blanche

Scotiabank took part in the Nuit Blanche festival in Toronto this year. The festival was a free all-night contemporary art event. The bank hosted an interactive art experience: FLUXe. People all over the world were able to unleash their creativity and inner artist. For one night on October 1, people were able to use their smartphones and tablets to paint and create their own patintings and interact with a large 100ft wide LCD screen. Best part was they didn't have to download or install an app.

Participants had to simply be near the screen, access a URL and then create their artwork. 9 renowned artists generated patterns that were used as the brushstrokes for everyone's art. The artists included Oscar nominated and Emmy winner Alex Kurina, Lorenzo Petrantoni and photographer film director Zara Holloway.

Since the FLUXe project was shown on a big screen, participants could create thier pieces simultaneously to help create one large piece of art shared by everyone. By the end of the night over 1000 paintings had been submitted by participating 'artists'. All of the paintings were added to a gallery that could be found on the bank's Facebook page online. To add a charity aspect to the project Scotiabank is donating $1 for every like the page receives to the Arts for Children and Youth Organization, an arts group that allows kids in high priority communities to experience grass roots art in education.