Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Issey Miyake's Blue Chair Illusion

Just came across this neat installation in an Issey Miyake boutique in Tokyo, Japan. When you look through the store windows you think you are looking at a room full of artistic blue chairs. However, the white floor only has the chair backs coming out of the floor, the seat and legs of the chair are actually painted.

The installation was created by Japanese architect Yoichi Yamamoto. The installation only works when you are standing in the right place. Yamamoto comments on the installation on his website:

"if you look at the installation from one point in front of the shop window, the back of the chairs,  which are three-dimensional objects, and the legs of the chairs, which are two-dimensional drawings, meet and create a single figure."

And...just in case you were wondering, those amazing hats are designed by akio hirata.