Friday, July 15, 2011

Converse and Rockers Unite

Chucks fans and Musicians rejoice! Converse's roots in music, especially rock'n'roll go way back. Many musicians have sported chucks on stage, in music videos and on tour. And now you can rock out wearing your chucks too. This week Converse decided to go back to it's roots and open Rubber Tracks, a top of the line recording studio open to musicians of all genres for free.


Rubber Tracks, based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a community driven space. The space is open to any and all musicians that need to catch a break. Ultimately meant for emerging musicians who don't have money for high priced studios. Time slots are listed and interested parties just need to sign up. Once accepted (on a first come basis), you can spend quite a significant amount of time in the studio by cycling the time slots. Once you have finished your project, its time to open up your slot to the next group.

Geoff Cottrill, Chief Marketing Officer of Converse said the following:
This is an altruistic endeavor and all musicians recording at Rubber Tracks will retain all rights to their tunes. Converse is simply the facilitator in helping them achieve their best possible sound.
The studio comes fully equipped with instruments, a team of engineers and a control room that matches any high priced studio.

The studio has everything a musician needs to make an amazing track. And it looks pretty awesome too! The exteriors feature murals by Mr. Ewokone and Shepard Fairey. Inside you can find art by Jeremyville on the inside stage.

Interested? This summer they are kicking off the opening of the studio by hosting a week long Grammy Camp for students. The group will learn the creative process of making a track from start to finish.

Go to Rubber Tracks for more info on the studio. Happy Rocking!

[via Cool Hunting]