Thursday, March 31, 2011

Samsung Slows it Down

Flash mobs and street stunts are definitely nothing new. This particular stunt is entertaining, but I am not so sure how successful it will be in the long run. Samsung commissioned Spanish performance group Colective de Arte to stage a slow motion campaign in the streets of Jerez in Spain.  The choreographed moves and music were sent to the performers via their Galaxy Ace Android smartphones. They were all filmed and the results made into a YouTube video. The video shows 18 minutes and 45 seconds of the slow motion performance sped up to appear like a stop-motion piece. 

I love the bystander reactions. And the piece is great to watch. My only concern is you watch the piece and then move on. There isn't much here to bring this back to Samsung. I am not sure how memorable it will be for people who were not actually on the streets watching...and I would also be a little concerned with Samsung being marketed in with the language Slow Motion. 

Would love to hear your thoughts! Should Samsung be happy with this?