Monday, January 3, 2011

LG's Interactive Good News Board

LG has launched a DOOH campaign on a digital billboard in Times Square. The HD billboard is based on the brand's motto: Life's Good. It incorporates a mix of positive news from RSS feeds, social media, and texts by people walking by. The billboard centers around Gil, the LG Good News Ambassador. Gil is an intelligent digital resident who invites people in Times Square to share their own good news via text messages and tweets. As he reports the good news, Gil responds and reacts.

LG's campaign was based on company commissioned research that shows 83% of Americans agree that the United States is suffering from a good news deficit, with 6 in 10 Americans saying they don't even know where to look for good news.

If you have time, stop by the billboard and contribute some good news! I think we all need to start off the New Year in a positive spirit.