Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pop-Tarts in Times Square

Pop-Tarts has created a 3,000 square-foot pop-up shop in Times Square, NYC.  Pop-Tarts World will offer more than 50 new Pop-Tarts flavors and allow customers to experience new menu items such as Pop-Tarts Sushi (minced flavors rolled up in a fruit wrap), and participate in activities like the 16-foot Varietizer, a vending machine that allows consumers to pick up to six Pop-Tart flavors and create their own.

The store is a response to several Facebook comments from fans wishing to experiment with new flavors. As reported by Event Marketer, “Pop-Tarts launched its first-ever Facebook page last summer and we were overwhelmed by the number of fans [more than two million] that joined,” Scott Sundheim, associate director, Pop-Tarts brand marketing. “That showed us that there was an incredible amount of interest from our customers in engaging with the brand. With Pop-Tarts World we wanted to connect with consumers in a memorable way by bringing the spirit of the brand to life in a unique 360-degree experience.”

Pop Tarts World opened its doors in August and will remain open until December.