Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nike Turns London Into a Game Board

Nike and Wieden+Kennedy have created a campaign to get young people excited about running. Instead of going the traditional message-board campaign route, the team created an experiential campaign to encourage young people who already jog for exercise to identify themselves as runners.

The GRID competition has split the city of London into 48 different postal codes, and each area has four traditional telephone boxes. Players compete by doing runs to the first phone box in their area. They dial a number, enter their specific runners code and then follow the instructions they are given. Ultimately, this runners scavenger hunt will have the runners moving between phone boxes, picking up virtual prizes along the way.

The first competition was held in April, and this follow up is proving to be just as successful. The current competition started this past Friday and will last for 15 days. The participants can keep up with the competition online at the GRID website. Nike tallies individual contestant scores and creates visualizations of the race. The site is tallying information every time a competitor calls from one of the phone boxes and is able to log in time and running data. Stamen Design in San Francisco has helped Nike create visualizations that illustrate various aspects of the race. For day nine of the competition - Halloween - the site had Day Runners pitted agains Vampires. Check out the video below to see who won...