Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beautiful Bark

 Peeling orange-red madrone found on the est coast of North America
I seem to be inspired by beautiful photography these days. I came accross Cedric Pollet's work this week and find it absolutely stunning. Pollet travels the globe capturing photographs of beautiful trees. He describes bark as "fantastic." And with his new book, aptly named "Bark", he has created an amazing collection of the worlds most beautiful barks. He writes in his introduction:

It's pretty much neglected because at first sight it holds little interest for us. You can count books about bark on the fingers of one hand. It is, in fact, present in many forms in our daily lives (cinnamon, cork, rubber, incense, medicines, chewing gums, fibres, pigments and so on). but this only serves to make it seem ordinary. ... To wet people's enthusiasm, I thought it was important to find ways to surprise and move them by treating bark in a completely new way, at once aesthetic and playful.

As reported reported by NPR, if Pollet had to pick a favorite tree, it would eucalyptus. There are more than 700 species worldwide, Pollet explained in an email. And if we're qualiying by most colorful bark, rainbow eucalyptus is the "the world champion." In his words, "its just fantastic." I agree!

 Rainbow eucalyptus located in the Philippines

Manzanita from the San Luis Obispo region in California

Check out more of his stunning work at his website 

[via NPR and Eric Nelson]