Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Benefits of Unbranding

Creating visibility for your brand isn't always easy. As a jeweler, you would want nothing more than a red carpet walking celebrity to say: I'm wearing... . Your brand will be written up, assuming its in the "whats Hot" category, and BOOM you are on your way. Let's assume for a minute you get someone you may not like as a brand ambassador using your brand. Us and People magazine along with Perez Hilton publish the pictures and articles countless times. Nightmare! Will you lose your true customer base? Do you forget about it and hope it blows over and no one saw?

Help your brand out. The newest marketing trend is to Unbrand. Make sure you know who you are sending your items to. Think carefully about who you would like to see wearing or using your brand and aim high.

I know it sounds elitist. But brands take years to build and only a few seconds to destroy. Target your customer and make sure your brand takes the right road.

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