Monday, December 14, 2009

The Big 8's Monday morning and if you are like me you have to really push yourself to get up and running. My motivation? What exciting and new prospects will this week hold for BENG!

I usually like to start my week with something inspirational. An inspiring article in Entrepreneur Magazine, a great news story about a new start up, or some good old fashion positive thinking. This week I am using a presentation made by analyst, author, and speaker Richard St. John. About 10 years ago, a little girl asked Richard "what really leads to success?" He couldn't quite give her an answer, but it did spark a desire to find what success entailed. A 10 year project with 500 interviews, data analysis and two self-written books let Richard to the Big 8. Check out his presentation at a TED conference a few years ago. It never gets old!

Feeling inspired to go out and do something great? That presentation always makes me feel like success is in my grasp. If you like Richard's ideas check out his blog

Happy Monday!