Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dealing With Employees - The Temp Staff Revolution

The new agency format is one like ours. We keep it small and simple and we hire in expertise on a project by project basis in an industry or area we feel we need to bolster up on. It makes our lives easier, and it allows our clientele to get exactly what they need and want. The task – sometimes hard – can be to manage all of the temporary employees that fall under your hat. There are times when you work with a team you are familiar with and that you love and trust – otherwise you wouldn’t have hired them in the first place. But then there are times when you hire someone because they have something that you need – something that you can’t produce your event without. Whether it is as simple as man power and an extra set of hands or elevated expertise in a very specific area – non-profit fundraising for example. So how do you manage those new and fragile relationships?

  • Know the person and get references. You can go to an event staffing company for simple man power needs – although make sure you communicate exactly what that person will be doing so that you get someone qualified. If you are looking for specific expertise, you will want to ask around in your network, if you don’t already have someone. Make sure you get references and have an interview. Time is always short. Work always has a deadline. Believe me know I know. I don’t think I have ever done an event where timing isn’t an issue. But time spent on interviews before the project will save time during the project.
  • Clear and Concise Job Descriptions. Communicate exactly what job you need fulfilled. It sounds simple, but so many times discontent during a project comes from people feeling they are in over their heads, or doing things that were not communicated to them at the beginning.
  • Make sure they understand who they are working for. They will be a representation of your company and will need to make sure everything they say and do works for you. They are technically under the umbrella of your company so make sure they understand who you are and how they should talk to your client – if that is what they will be doing. 
  •  Bad Seed? Find out what is going wrong. Is it fixable? Sometimes it is a conversation and sometimes it’s a personality clash. When it comes to your small business, you can’t afford to hide and hope that their attitude blows over. You are only as good as your last client.  It’s easier to let an employee go that doesn’t fit than to see your client walk away. 

What are your tips for managing your temp staff?