Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Can Never Be Too Generous - Buy Chocolate with Good Deeds Instead of Cash

I loved this concept so much, that I had to post about it. Danish chocolate brand Anthon Berg recently opened a pop up chocolate shop, where people paid with the promise of good deeds instead of cash. To inspire people to be generous - The Generous Store - in Copenhagen priced it's chocolates with 30 different good deeds. Some of the deeds included:

Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one.
Help clean your friend's house.
Don't criticize your girlfriend's driving for a week.

The store had a line of people waiting for up to one and half house just to place an order. Such a great way to inspire people to be see the benefits of being generous, and also create some buzz.  I hope their brand is authentic and lives up to this promotion.

For more info check out Anthon Berg's Facebook page.