Friday, March 9, 2012

Viral Friday!

Happy Friday! Here are some great marketing pieces I picked up this week and of course, for the top 5 viral videos of the week visit our site for our Viral Friday collection.

Durex Naked Box Design Australia
Naked Box is an online design competition where Australians compete for the opportunity fo have their art featured on a packs of Durex condoms and sold worldwide. Contestants are able to upload their designs via the Durex Facebook Page or create their designs right on the page. The designs will be featured in a gallery for people to vote on. Ultimately 6 finalists will be chosen. In the mean time Durex plans to hand out hundreds of prizes per week. Vote for your local design and send your country to the top of the list. You have until April 17th to get your design and votes in. And of course, make sure you read the design guidelines before you start. You have to keep your look world friendly :)

 Floating Graffiti
Boa Mistura, a Spanish art collective organized a community graffiti project in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The artists worked together with locals to paint inspiring words in the small winding passages of the city. When the designs are viewed at certain angle, they create the illusion of the messages floating in air. See the pics below, the positive message and the bright colors are great!




Papertweetos - Coca Cola Prints Tweets as Confetti
Coca Cola teamed up with Ogilvy Argentina to create a fun Social Media gone experiential campaign. As part of local football tradition, fans always trow paper with fan messages on to the pitch and around the stadium. In an attempt to boost encouragement of the Argentinean national team and engage Coca Cola fans, the company created a hashtag where fans could Tweet their messages for the team. The messages were printed out and launched into the air as the national team took to the pitch. There was a total of 2 million messages.

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