Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Invisible Children - KONY 2012

Happy Wednesday! It's gorgeous outside today NY! Before you take a break in your day and take a stroll outside I urge you to take a moment of your time and check out KONY 2012. This week was supposed to be about Experiential Marketing, and I know I am breaking the schedule by adding this post today, but it's important. Plus, KONY is one of the best Non-Profit Marketing campaigns I have seen in a long time, so it is totally worthy of a BENG! post.

Invisible Children has launched a program that I think everyone needs to see and be a part of. The campaign itself  is an amazing piece of marketing, but that is not what it's really about. The message is about Joseph Kony, a horrible war criminal, and the international awareness and effort to arrest him, disarm the LRA and bring child soldiers home.

I love that Invisible Children chose to make the campaign about Joseph Kony. Not in a celebratory way, but in a way that will make him infamous. There are posters, T-Shirts, an amazing Video and some serious buzz. Once this  campaign has run it's course, people will know exactly who he is and what he stands for. And hopefully once people realize, they will help. Whether it's through donating, spreading the word or becoming a volunteer.

Please watch the video, find a way to help, and pass it on to anyone and everyone you know! I will def. put my order in for a bracelet too!

Click here for the must see the video: